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My name is Gabriel Bordeaux and this is my personal website where I try to share cool stuff, mainly oriented towards PostgreSQL. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or if you would like to work with me.

What's up?

  1. October 12th, 2016 (article) : Migrate to PostgreSQL 9.6 with pg_upgrade
  2. August 10th, 2016 (article) : How-to: Migrate to PHP7 with Nginx + PHP-FPM
  3. August 2nd, 2016 (script) : pg_dump-to-s3: Easy way to backup PostgreSQL databases to Amazon S3



  1. From MySQL to PostgreSQL: story of your large scale migration
  2. Check if you have an Index on your IDs in PostgreSQL: Why and how?
  3. ORDER BY [my custom order] in PostgreSQL: order your rows in a specific order, neither alphabetic or numeric
  4. Group by a range of values with PostgreSQL: group data by decades and more
  5. Average ignoring extremes (outliers) with PostgreSQL
  6. Weighted ntile: rank your data in weighted groups
  7. 10 tips and tricks for PostgreSQL (part 1)
  8. 10 tips and tricks for PostgreSQL (part 2)
  9. Store IP addresses in PostgreSQL with IP4R
  10. Window Functions in PostgreSQL
  11. Introduction to JSON support in PostgreSQL
  12. Improve the quality of your database using Foreign Keys in PostgreSQL
  13. Easy migrating step by step from PostgreSQL 9.3 to PostgreSQL 9.4
  14. How to select a random row from a PostgreSQL table with 100 million rows in 1.6 millisecond?
  15. PostgreSQL's subqueries: multiple columns, better and faster results
  16. PostgreSQL: Search dates on large tables with pg_IdFromDate()
  17. Install PostgreSQL 9.5 on Debian / Ubuntu
  18. Migrate from PostgreSQL 9.4 to 9.5 with easy steps
  19. Create a master-slave replication with PostgreSQL
  20. Cascading replication with PostgreSQL
  21. Migrate to PostgreSQL 9.6 with pg_upgrade


  1. mysql_generate_series() for MySQL: a replica of PostgreSQL's generate_series() functions
  2. Setup a MySQL replication with Percona Server with no downtime

Other themes

  1. Introduction to GPG: Discover how GPG works and how to use it
  2. Password guidelines: Learn how to use good passwords if you are a user and how to protect your users if you have a website
  3. Secure my Mac: How to properly secure Mac OS (passwords, Apple backdoor on your computer, FileVault, Hibernation...)
  4. (Personal) Yield management: How to maximize your profit and minimize your customer's satisfaction rate
  5. How-to: Migrate to PHP7 with Nginx + PHP-FPM

A few hacks

I usually do not share/publish my work. Here are just a few hacks that I made for my company or myself. They are unpretentious. They might need adaptations to comply with your needs/usages.


  1. dirGPG: Easily crypt and decrypt a folder with GPG
  2. Simple backup: A simple bash backup tool for your files, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  3. pg_dump-to-s3: Easy way to backup PostgreSQL databases to Amazon S3

Retired hacks

A few hacks are not up to date anymore buck you can still find them in the retired section.

A few words

About me

I live in Florida, USA. I ran then sold a company, Galaxya (Paris, USA), from 2004 to 2014. I specialize in PostgreSQL & MySQL databases, AdServer development (for ClicManager) and payments solutions (for Webopass, Allopass, HPMP & Rentabiliweb).
I used to be a Project Manager at Hi-Media / Allopass (Paris, France) and at Fotolog (NY, USA) for a little while.
If you want to meet me, I am often in Florida, New York and Paris (contact me).
My Twitter account is @Gabrielbordeaux.

My skills

PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, Bash-scripting, HTML, CSS, Debian sys admin, JavaScript, Perl (beginner), AppleScript (beginner).


For over 10 years, I have been working with databases; first with MySQL then with PostgreSQL & NoSQL. I am available to help you with your projects, either on-site or off-site.
I can assist you with complex queries, MySQL to PostgreSQL migrations, query tuning, schema review, data modeling, log monitoring...
Read more on my dedicated website or feel free to contact me at trustconsultingllc @at@ gmail .dot. com.


  1. Stock Deputy: StockDeputy analyzes publicly traded companies' performances to help you build a smart investment portfolio
  2. Trust Consulting: PostgreSQL, MySQL & NoSQL consulting

Great useful tools

  1. DokuWiki: A great open source Wiki with an ACL
  2. ZeroBin: "PasteBin" like with a user-side encryption - the server cannot know the content of your message
  3. Everyday I use and recommend: Emacs | Emacs org-mode | Coda (Mac) | PHP | PostgreSQL | Mantis | Memcached | MemcacheQ | Nagios | Munin...


  1. http://www.j-ro.me: a few hacks
  2. https://www.isvtec.com: Systems administration to improve your QoS (and your uptime!)
  3. http://www.clarityad.com: ClarityAd provides real time quality control & security solutions for the online & mobile display advertising industry.

Contact me

You can easily reach me at


Here is my GPG key: E1A5D827 (lean more about GPG)
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